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A cinema as your studio
OQTOO is a post production house for international cinema, based in Amsterdam.

Studio 360 testshot

360˚ impression of our studio for grading, mixing and viewing (click + drag to look around)

We have a unique hall in Amsterdam, serving as a reference cinema. It's equipped with a BARCO 2K DP90 projector — Dolby certified 7.1 sound installation — and a projection screen measuring over 9 meters in diameter.

Grading, editing, vfx checks, audio mastering, viewings, DCP checks: everything can be done right here on cinema scale with true cinema sound.

OQTOO delivers all post production services, from on-set data handling to cinema deliveries.


About us

OQTOO is a post production house for fiction and documentary drama productions. Our approach is different from existing post production institutions, because we work with a large pool of top notch flexible professionals, rather than a set number of employees.

OQTOO is a hub, the core of a hand-picked network of the most  talented editors, colorists, sound mixers and specialised companies. All of whom share a passion for film making. This is what we call 'Collective Soul'.

One-stop shop

For a producer OQTOO functions as one window for full service post production. From data handling on set through to the final cinema deliveries; together with the producer we put together the right team for the job. The characteristic and individual qualities of the OQTOO freelancers is an important part of this choice. We offer a large freedom of choice from a range of talented specialists, and our focus is always on the highest possible quality.

Tailored quality, a customized crew, cut to perfectly fit the film at hand. Together we look at the best options for a team suitable for the project, at a competitive price.

Cash rebate

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive is a scheme for feature films, documentaries and animated films with an incentive of 30% of the eligible production cost. It is based on a cash rebate system. OQTOO can guide your project through this production incentive and help you with a direct cash rebate on your post production costs in the Netherlands.

Collective soul

Within the OQTOO network all participants are independent, also from us; we simply connect the right people for the job under one label: Collective Soul. Everyone works on their own terms and their own quotes. OQTOO facilitates a clear and fair process with one invoice and one contact as a service to the producer.


Over the years we've built a large network of very good and motivated professionals. Bundling project specific talent with great care and knowledge is a key point. In our view, the future of post production will be way more ad hoc than is now often still the case. The shoot and the post will become more like one another and the overlap between the tow will grow, into a more streamlined process, monitored more closely by the producer. OQTOO functions both as a collective and as one team dedicated to serve your production.

About us

Next level

OQTOO is taking post production to the next level. With involvement, short lines to individual industry professionals, and communicating the whole process transparently and with an individual touch — higher quality at a competitive price. The post production process is tuned to perfection, for efficiency, optimised work flow for financial efficiency and environmental sustainability.


>> Next Level Postproduction

The OQTOO network

in addition to a wide selection of freelance editors and colorists, OQTOO collaborates with these specialised companies:

post production supervision

data services

VFX and VFX supervision

sound, music, mixing, mastering

graphic design, titles


film developing and scanning


OQTOO is a proud supporting member of the Dutch cinematographers society

Our services

Studio 360 test 2 (4)

360˚ impressie van onze grading, mixing en viewing zaal (klik en sleep om rond te kijken)

• grading, mixing, viewings and DCP checks all on cinema scale

• audio mastering in the same studio, with Dolby 7.1 cinema sound

• VR grading on a large screen: clearer details on the equirectangular projection

• fully customisable team per-project

• a transparant post production process

• the best professionals deliver the highest quality

• one window for full-service post production

• all post services from data-handling through cinema deliveries

• optimised work flow: unnecessary steps taken out of the process

• no nine to fivers, OQTOO participants are all passionate about film making


>> Next Level Postproduction